Unchained introduces enterprise collaborative custody key sharing network


What happened?

Today we’re introducing the enterprise collaborative custody network: a network of enterprise keys for securing private wealth and enterprise bitcoin holdings, available now. Finally, a bitcoin-exclusive form of enterprise custody, where no single company can lose your bitcoin.

Enterprise bitcoin custody is broken. Duct-taping the legacy model of centralized custodians onto the bitcoin protocol has led to billions of dollars lost. As the recent hacks of Prime Trust and Fortress Trust have demonstrated, qualified custodianship only means something in bitcoin if it can be supported by a custody model that respects the bitcoin protocol.


This solution enables bitcoin holders to have their private keys distributed among several entities, therefore assuring them that their bitcoin is not being rehypothecated or misused by institutions. Unchained’s collaborative custody offering has become particularly appealing to investors as a risk-mitigation tool in an era where custodians and other institutions are regularly in the news for losing customer assets, whether deliberately or not.


In partnership with Coincover and Kingdom Trust, now you can:

  • Hold no keys: Hire 3 best-in-class enterprise key agents to collaborate in the security of your bitcoin
  • Hold 1 or more keys: Actively participate in the security of your own bitcoin by controlling 1 or more keys
  • Reduce counterparty risk: Eliminate any single institution as a point of failure for the bitcoin

In an effort to increase the accessibility for individuals and businesses to achieve security and assurance levels historically reserved for large institutions, Unchained will continue to expand its collaborative custody partnerships while also ensuring that clients remain in unilateral control of private keys. We will be evolving this solution into a network of keys through more partnerships that will be announced soon.


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